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Tracy Rose Moyers
Wilderness Spirit Art Studio
472 Woodcrest Ln.
Corvallis MT 59828

Artist's Statement - Tracy Rose Moyers

The process that I use with my watercolor paintings start with a basic idea influenced by the landscape and wildlife around me. I like to spend time out in nature with my camera capturing the scenes that inspire me and call me to paint them. I try to capture photos of the wildlife that I have a desire to paint. Using photos I take myself as a reference, I will then do a light simple sketch and layout the composition of the painting. Sometimes I won't even do a sketch on the watercolor paper, I will just jump in with washes of colors throwing salt into the paint while it is still wet to create the texture I desire. I start out with washes wet on wet in a more abstract approach and add texture with salt. Once that dries, I will then come in with more detailed painting with a drybrush technique. I never paint with black paint instead I like to use ultramarine blue and burnt umber as my dark. I also never use white paint, I like to use the white of the paper. However, I try to plan in advance where the white will be because I don't like to use a mask. Instead painting around the white area. I will come back in later and pick out lighter areas with a clean wet brush and paper towels to pull out the paint to add other lighter areas and highlights. I will also use sponges to create textures and to add foliage where desired. I have learned to allow the watercolor to do what it wants to do and not completely control the paint. Watercolor is a wonderful media that even the mistakes can make for a really neat affect that can enhance the painting.